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Drone Aire
Aerial Photography and Video for the Construction and Real Estate Industry

Aerial Photography and Video for Real Estate and Construction Services. Specialist in Long Term Construction Progress Photography.
Ground Photography, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Video Production and Editing.
Fully Insured with 1.5 M Contractors Liability Insurance and FAA Registered.
Over 20 Years in the A/E Field.

Dallas Fort Worth
Eurocore Aerial
About Eurocore Aerial

Eurocore Aerial (and WeFlyAnyDrone.Com) are trading names for Eurocore Limited which is a ten year old company based in Leeds. We are proud to be the only company permitted to operate throughout the whole of the British Isles. Our UK Civil Aviation Authority permission extends to night operations and we are on the cusp of being granted additional operating permissions from the UK Civil Aviation Authority which will allow us to fly closer, further & higher than more than 99% of all other operators within the United Kingdom. We also have permission from the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration to operate on the Isle of Man and from the Director of Civil Aviation for operations within the Channel islands. (Bailiwick of Jersey & the Bailiwick of Guernsey)

And, of course, we carry commercial levels of aviation and business insurances as well as being registered with all the appropriate agencies for things like the Data Protection Act and Health & Safety (CSCS) etc.


Our drones are fitted with Micro Four Thirds sensors which produce ultra-high definition digital images which are great for photogrammetry and when used with optical & digital zoom capabilities are great for inspection tasks too. Our ground vehicle has two comfortable office style workstations, one for the camera operator and another for a guest, the vehicle is fitted with industrial grade mobile broadband and a powerful computer which allows us to stay connected throughout the task and to stream live video to your chosen end point. There is even a fridge and a coffee machine!


Ultra-High Resolution images can be processed using photogrammetry into Point Clouds, Elevation Models and virtual 3D models which allow our customers to carry out volumetric, area and linear measurement through our customer portal which also allows this data to be downloaded for seamless integration with popular draughting packages such as AutoCad and MicroStation etc. We can even produce several grades of survey, each with a different purpose in mind.

Site Monitoring

Basic photogrammetric models are a great way to maintain a record of change over time. These models can be easily manipulated by anyone without the need for specialist equipment, they can be saved & shared over the web or in portable document format (PDF) and even screen grabbed to produce images for reporting & progress documentation purposes.


Our customers are encouraged to view their inspection photos through our customer portal which displays the relative camera positions along with geo-positioning data and allows annotations to be added to specific points of an image as well facilitating collaboration across the web.

West Yorkshire
+44 113 2877002
Aerial Photography

Aerial Photo and Video

Nadar Aerial Imaging
We provide professional and technical drone imaging services in a variety of markets including Agriculture, Construction, Insurance Inspections, 3D mapping & Survey, Power & Utility Inspection, and Real Estate. We are part 107 certified & insured.

Nadar Aerial Imaging provides professional and technical drone imaging services in the United States and special engagement services worldwide. Based in Seattle, WA, our Engineering background allows us to provide highly technical, professional services that go beyond just taking photos and video. We provide data collection and processing services utilizing a network of highly trained pilots.
All Pilots are FAA UAS Part 107 Certified
All Pilots carrying minimum $1M Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
We maintain strict operating & safety procedures and abide by all FAA and Local Rules
We use professional-grade equipment and data processing software
Our mission is to partner with local businesses to help them operate more efficiently, increase profitability, and deliver a higher level of service. Our commitment to excellence and customer service is unsurpassed.

Seattle UAS
Seattle UAS is an independently owned provider of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Drone Services. We are fully-compliant with United States FAA Part 107 regulations, and provide fully-insured flight, photography, analysis, and technical services.

Seattle UAS is an independently owned provider of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Drone Services. We are fully-compliant with United States FAA Part 107 regulations, and provide fully-insured flight, photography, analysis, and technical services.

(888) 500-0002
Unmanned Aviation Services and Unmanned Operational Risk Management Consulting

Providing professional Unmanned Operational Risk Management consulting and business assessments as well as Unmanned Aviation Services, such as building and structure inspection, construction site survey, and photography using state of the art UAVs. Serving the Northern Virginia area.

Drone Tech Aerospace
Drone Tech Aerospace is drone services company operating nationwide in the United Kingdom.

As engineers with more than 60 years experience within the team we provide market leading drone services to the civil engineering, construction, energy (wind, solar, electricity, gas), industrial, mining, , industrial, utilities (water, power) sectors.
We supply state-of-the-art precision and accuracy in mapping, topographical surveying, and inspection services (including confined space internal inspections).
We also supply leading aerial photography and video services.

United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7947 212 195
We provide high definition pictures and videos in the North Dallas area. The pictures and videos are yours with no limitations. You may share the media from our site with links we provide or download to your computer.

We do have an exemption with the FAA for commercial use and we carry liability insurance to protect you and your clients.

Global VIdeo HQ
GlobalVideoHQ provides the highest quality aerial video and aerial photography services in Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas and nationwide. We use a full size helicopters and a fleet of drones gimbal-mounted HD cameras to capture footage.

We have licensed pilots and operate with full FAA authorization via Section 333 Exemption.

With safety being are number one priority, we take pride in our close relationship with the FAA. Our president and chief pilot, Craig Thompson, is a US navy veteran, licensed pilot, skydiver, an expert nationwide in the field of drones also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS.


Dallas, TX 75201

Texas Aerial Photography
Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.
Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama’s premier photographers. We’re here to help with your aerial & architectural photography, traditional video, and drone video needs. Whatever your needs are, we would love to work with you to capture your next project.

Our services include:
Aerial Photography & Video
Architectural/Ground Photography & Video
UAV/Drone Photography & Video


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